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[All Projects] RevOS - MIUI2019-09-04 15:33
ReporterRubenPCAAssigned ToBadWolf 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000209: Frozen screen in TFS panles in the Pocophone F1
DescriptionIn daily use, the mobile stops responding to the touch screen and I have to press the lock button, to turn it on again to make it work, likewise performing a multi-touch test, it only recognizes me only 1 finger when I press with 2, likewise when I leave the mobile on a flat surface as on the desktop half up to the notch of the screen does not respond.

I have done research on this phone and I realized that the problem lies in the different types of screen, TIANMA, EBBG, FTS_ts, in my case I have the most conflicting touch panel which is FTS_ts.
Devicepocophone f1 128GB
Telegram UserVenomMOD


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