How is the ROM installed?
- Download the required ROM and FW-SELLER in addition to Disable Force Encryption (DFE)
- Restart in Recovery
- Give WIPE do Wipe Factory Data
- Restart in Recovery again
- Pass the ROM the FW-VENDOR and the DFE to the device
- Flashea first the FW-VENDOR, then ROM and finally the DFE
- Restart and enjoy

Does it have integrated Google Apps?
Yes, it takes them, the dialer, contacts and messages are the originals of AOSP to allow the recording of calls

How do i update?
- From the OTA updater integrated in the ROM or otherwise from our website you can download the latest files flsaheando from Recovery

How often will this ROM be updated?
- The intention is to update it publicly every month / two months

How can I be a tester?
- We do not accept new testers, my people have suffered a lot to carry out the first version including myself, and I do not feel like getting new testers when the worst part is already over.

Will it be compatible with more devices other than Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro?
- No, otherwise I will not give enough and I will be forced to close the AOSP project again, a GSI will be provided for arm64 a and a/b for the rest of the devices, with the typical failures of a GSI.

When will the GSI come out?
- In the not too distant future

Where is the source code of the ROM, to compile it for my device?
- on GitLab

When will you add X or Y function?
- When possible even though the ROM as it is right now is perfect without needing any more added.